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Operations Team


Bill Lauer, Operations Director

My name is Bill Lauer and I'm proud to lead the ASUP, INC. team.  I have been involved in the paranormal since I was young boy when I saw my first spirit.  I also had many more experiences through my childhood but most significantly was being visited 4 times by my departed grandfather.  As I grew older I had a deep down interest to further understand what occurs after we leave the physical world.  It is with that passion and dedication to finding solid scientific proof of the existence of life after death that drives me and my team.  We approach ever case from the side of our client to help them understand, cope or deal with things occurring in their life.  Anything we present to our clients goes through a rigorous amount of review and analysis and is supported with solid facts and supporting documentation.  I have lived in Texas for over ten years and during that time I had the distinct pleasure of being mentored by ASUP, INC. founder Rick Moran. So that one day I would be able to fill his role and ensure ASUP, INC. continues the work and research started by Rick back in 1972. During that time I have held many roles in ASUP, INC. from investigator to my current role as Operations Director.  We are a team you can place your trust in and widely respected throughout the World of paranormal research.


Nicole Moran-Watson, Assistant Operations Director


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David Watson, ASUP, INC. Treasurer


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Joi Moran, ASUP, INC. Secretary

My name is Joi Moran and I was born in the Bronx, New York, and grew up learning about life’s lessons at any early age. I have two children Nicole and Chad and 3 grandchildren. I am an Aunt, a Great Aunt and the Widow of Rick Moran, founder of ASUP, INC.. I serve as Secretary for ASUP, INC. and I have held many positions, within this organization, for the past 25 years. I have also served as the Manager of Research, interviewing clients and doing case background research. I have been known to some as a skeptic, I have been blessed with the ability to be sensitive to energy caused by those departed, and can physically tell if someone is present or that something is about to occur. I have all intentions of watching this educational and research organization grow to new heights.


N'Tash Morris, Manager of Field Investigations

My name is N'tash and I am the Manager of Field Investigations for ASUP, INC. I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a little girl and was excited to finally meet a group of people that share my passion. By day, I am a high school special education teacher with a Master's in Special Education. But my 24/7 job is being a single mother of 17 yrs. old son who is also a paranormal investigator. 


Janie Sherrod, Manager of Technology & Information Services

Hi, my name is Janie Sherrod and I am the current Manager of Technology & Information Services for ASUP, INC.  I was born and raised in Ft Worth, TX.  I have 3 wonderful children and 2 of them are grown and on their own.  I can't say that there was that one experience that got me into this field.  A trip to N. Carolina several years ago, to investigate with TAPS,  is what led me to ASUP, INC. though.  I have held many positions within ASUP, INC. including the former Manager of Evidence Review.  My hope for the paranormal community is to all work together to gain knowledge and just maybe some answers to the questions that have brought us all to this crazy field of interest.