ASUP, Inc. is a proud member of the TAPS Family.

Lacey Booth

Stacy Hemenway

Mike Saylor

  1. Bill Lauer, Director/Ham Certified
  2. N’tash Morris, Assistant Director
  3. Lacey Booth, Assistant Director
  4. Mike Saylor, Treasurer
  5. Stacy Hemenway, Secretary
  1. N’tash Morris, Field Investigations Team
  2. Lacey Booth, Client Services
  3. Mandy Norris, Pre-Case Research Team
  4. Sophia Orquiz, Webmaster/Social Media Team
  5. Bill Lauer, Evidence Team
  6. Weldon Trantham, Technology Think Tank
  7. James Hemenway, Technology Think Tank
  8. Greg Snow, Technology Think Tank
  1. Andrea (Drea) White, Lead, Field Investigations
  2. Greg Snow, Full Investigator
  3. Weldon Trantham, Full Investigator
  4. Janie Sherrod, Full Investigator
  5. Landon Morris, Full Investigator
  6. Sophia Orquiz, Full Investigator
  7. Jennifer Foster, Full Investigator
  8. Travis Horne, Full Investigator
  9. Toni Ballard, Full Investigator
  1. Jeff Ellison, Lead, ESH Team
  2. Kim Ellison, Lead, Post Evidence Team
  3. Jenny McCarthy, Associate Investigator
  4. Anthony Farrar, Lead, Web/Social Media
  5. Sara Bradley, Associate Investigator
  6. Dorothy Echols, Associate Investigator
  7. Shane Wesberry, Associate Investigator
  8. James Hemenway, Associate Investigator
  9. Shayla “Jade” Morris, Associate Investigator
  10. Sarah Blair, Associate Investigator
  11. Kaitlyn Ellison, Associate Investigator
  1. Nicole Watson, Advisor
  2. David Watson, Advisor
  3. Joi Moran, Historian/Advisor/HAM certified