ASUP, Inc. Membership Exam

Please Note: This is the final step (step 3) of your membership application!


You have 7 days to study the test guide (below) and to complete the exam, from the time you've submitted your membership application and liability release form. Your progress will be timed. Please allow yourself 1-3 hours to complete the entire exam. It must be completed in one sitting. You may want to bookmark the page so you can access it when you have time to commit to taking the exam: Unfortunately, you will NOT be able to continue the exam where you left off, should you have to quit before completion.


The results to the exam will be emailed to ASUP, Inc. upon completion, and a copy will be sent to the email address you provide below.


This is an open book test!


This exam requires a passing grade of 80% (No more than 20 wrong answers).  Questions are randomly pulled from a pool of 200 questions.  You will have three opportunities to take the test and receive a passing score before ASUP, Inc. will consider your application.


All of the questions can be researched within the Test Guide PDF, online at or You can use the search engine at that site to find the topics you have questions about.


Once you have successfully completed the exam and your membership application has been accepted, you will be paired with a seasoned field investigator to serve as a mentor. You will be rotated in/out of investigations so that you will be given the opportunity to complete field assignments.  New members are considered associate members for a minimum of 1year.  Once the Manager of Field Investigations is convinced of their aptitude in the field, their name will be listed with the Director and they will be treated as regular members, upon his approval.


Each new field assignment is made following the criteria below.

  1. First assigned are supervisors and those with special talents needed in that case.
  2. Second, there will be a selection of new members in limited numbers for training.
  3. After that, the Manager of Investigations will make a blanket call for those wishing to participate… this call via e-mail is on a first come, first serve basis and only tells you the general location of the case and if it is expected to require an overnight trip. It is important that you check your ASUP e-mail regularly to be sure you can participate.
  4. Failure to post your field reports from active cases, evidence, etc. on-time will prevent you from being considered for the next case. Regardless if you have nothing to report, a report must be submitted.  If this becomes a routine behavior with continued late filings or no filings, it can lead to dismissal from ASUP, Inc.


Good luck!



Please enter the name you used on the membership application.
Please enter the email address you used on the membership application.
1. The third hypothesis focuses on natural phenomena.
2. Always turn off:
3. Ideally, how many people consist of a team going in to investigate a property?
4. One difference between an interactive “ghost” and an “elemental” is:
5. You are not required to buy any equipment used during an investigation.
6. When a team is investigating, you should:
7. An is a paranormal experience or event that is documented through photography or captured on film, but cannot be explained.
8. Some orbs are_____, most enlightened paranormal investigators will tell you.
9. Who was never a staff member of the PRF at Duke University?

Before ASUP does any field investigation they must:

11. EVPs can be found by playing a soundtrack backwards.
12. Real investigations of the paranormal can usually be closed in a week.

Playing telephone is best defined as:


Several individuals close to the ASUP were involved in the study of this at Duke.

15. The Best method for marking an outside location can be accomplished by:
16. How many times do you visit a cemetery to do a good investigation?
17. The ASUP, Inc. is an associate of:

The KI-II meter is a:

19. The Website/Social Media Manager at ASUP, Inc. is
20. Someone with psychic ability (what is also called "second sighting") that can see people or events which have not occurred yet, beyond ordinary time and space limits, is known as a .
21. When taking pictures, you take at least two pictures in front simultaneously, and one directly behind you.
22. Who created the fourth hypothesis?
23. If an investigator senses something at a location, they can go back after the investigation to verify.
24. The ASUP investigates approximately___ cases a year.

Which of the following is not a standard research tool within the ASUP?

26. The research team will update the field team on important information about a case.
27. Using a flashlight can impede your night vision.
28. By state law, who can enter a cemetery without written permission?

When entering a room, you should announce your entry and your exit, because:

30. A disembodied spirit who relays messages from dead people to the living, through a trance medium, is known as .
31. EVPs can be the thoughts of a living people.

By Federal law, ASUP, Inc. must agree to:


High humidity and quickly dropping temperatures will create:

34. A is a feeling or psychic warning about future events, that can be vague or very specific.
35. A is a death omen or elemental in Irish Folklore that manifests to herald an upcoming death. It is often heard singing and wailing mournfully.
36. A preliminary interview is done by the Director of Technology via phone.
37. A spirit who returns to warn family members of imminent danger, is known as a . These may be deceased relatives, who offer messages or aid during moments of distress to their loved ones.
38. The Research Phase of an investigation is the:
39. When investigating a case how many teams working independently of each other does it take to accomplish the goal?
40. Ancient Romans had ghosts that only haunted their relatives, these were called:
41. It's always important to use headphones when listening to a recording on a computer.
42. In Yoga, the is one of the seven spiritual energy centers in the human body.
43. The celebrated demonic spirit stated to be worshiped by the Knights Templar:
44. The Kabala is:

Saying “flash” before taking a flash photograph is necessary because:

46. A is a magical work or spell that is cast to influence a person's will or fate, often referred to as a curse, rather than a blessing or healing.

The human tendency to impose human priorities on spirits is called:


The most important tool needed for a good cemetery investigation is:

49. In transform EVP, the voice is usually not heard until playback.
50. How should you write the narrative section of your field report?
51. The Pre-case Research Manager at ASUP, Inc. is
52. An is a paranormal activity that takes place around a person or location, that is caused by an intelligent or conscious spirit. Best described as a spirit of an individual who has passed away but has not crossed over. The spirit interacts with people, trying to make its presence known through repeated sights, sounds, smells, and the manipulation of objects.

ASUP maintains that the book, The Amityville Horror was:

54. An is an individual particularly sensitive to the psychic emanations of his or her surroundings, even to a degree of telepathically receiving and experiencing the emotions of others in their proximity.
55. Digital voice recorders are recommended for transform EVP.

A person who claims to be cursed by another human being is probably:

57. Psychics are utilized:
58. Which of the following would NOT be allowed on an investigation?
59. Team members are not to discuss their findings/experiences with other team members during an investigation.
60. In most cases, during a field investigation, investigators will enter the premises:
61. Greg Snow, James Hemenway, and Weldon Trantham are the at ASUP, Inc.

ASUP utilizes all of the following methods, except:


Which founding member of the ASUP could not be called an academic?

64. You file your completed report to Google – Team Drive – ASUP Cases because:

ASUP’s color of the day is: 

66. This is an EVP that sounds like whispers or a lower audio recording, that even when enhanced cannot be fully interpreted.

Using film cameras is fine as long as the photographer:


The man most commonly recognized as the “father of EVP Research,” is:


When an apparition reacts to an investigation team, it is considered:

70. Normally ASUP will only release a class 1 and in rare cases a class 2 recording.
71. An is a disembodied "consciousness" of a human, animal or nonhuman, commonly referred to as a ghost, spirit, or demon.
72. The voices in an EVP can contain the recognizable voice of a discarnate person?

What is the normal ambient reading you can expect from an EMF meter:

74. The ASUP cases include:

The ASUP, Inc. is tax exempt. Its bylaws state it is a:

76. Spirit provoking is:
77. The ASUP-Inc. Google Team Drive  includes:
78. What type of research does the Physical Research Foundation (PRF) focus on?

In order to properly do cemetery investigations, you would have to have:


When two or more good witnesses claim to have seen an identical ghost, it is called:

81. To operate a ham radio, the operator must:

It is the ASUP’s procedure to investigate cases of claimed demonic presences:

83. The reporter's responsibility is to observe the scene, take readings, and pass the reading and observations to the investigator.
84. Which of the following is not a classification of EVPs?

The Association for the Study of Unexplained Phenomenon is:

86. When was the Society for Physical Research (SPR) founded?
87. is the scientific and scholarly study of certain unusual events associated with human experience, such as: ghosts, UFOs, ESP, Bigfoot, etc. It is generally defined as the scientific study of paranormal phenomena. It is a recognized science by many within the scientific community.

88. The ASUP's Mission statement is to:
89. ASUP, Inc. is a:

Mothman was investigated by the ASUP, Inc. in the 1980s, who found:


To become a Full Field investigator you must:

92. The first reported transmission on a commercial radio by spirits was reported by:

When investigators find a house where things are flying off shelves, there are rapping noises, and one of the residents is a teenaged girl, it is considered a:

94. Regular replacement household batteries can be expected to last how long in field use?
95. All ASUP members are required to sign an annual liability release form.
96. The fourth hypothesis focuses on mental construction.
97. A deck of seventy-eight cards that supposedly reveal the secrets of man and the universe, is known as .
98. A good photo of ball lightning meets the same criteria as a spook light, and is easy to be captured in a photograph.

"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

100. Polarization of the reflected light filters out artifact: