ASUP Inc. will be postponing/delaying all client case investigation requests at this time. On August 30, 2020, we will begin investigating nonresidential locations only. We are uncertain when we will resume residential investigations at this time. We will continue to provide support via email and phone for our clients. During this unprecedented time, we’re erroring on the side of prevention.

Below is some great information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to help you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

ASUP, Inc. (Association for the Study of Unexplained Phenomenon).  We are a 501 (c) (3), Non-Profit, tax-exempt Paranormal  Research and Educational Corporation with its headquarters in Carrollton, Texas with offices in Houston, TX & Tyler, TX. Our mission is to research and study all paranormal phenomenon in the pursuit of possible proof of individual survival of human personality after death and to help support the efforts of similar organizations to that end and to educate the public as to those findings. Our coverage area includes locations across North Central, East & Southeast Texas.

Our founder, Rick Moran started this organization over 45 years ago. Our Executive Director, Bill Lauer now oversees the organization. ASUP, Inc. started with cases that include Amityville and Mothman, we cover about 20 cases a year. ASUP, Inc. is affiliated with the TAPS Family and United Paranormal Research Organization. Among our founders are academics, researchers, and journalists who have been involved in the field since the PRF studies at Duke University.

We are a group dedicated to research and education with an emphasis on the possibility of the survival of human consciousness after death. We are affiliated with the TAPS Family and among our founders are academics, researchers, and journalists who have been involved in the field since the PRF studies at Duke University. The group has over the years developed a method of investigating that has been accepted by many others, beginning with in-depth research before we ever go into a field case, which we feel is often the key to our success. We have also broken new ground with the creation of a system to categorize and classify Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) as well as a good deal of professional depth in photography, including the use of Infrared, Ultraviolet, Full Spectrum cameras, video, and specialized equipment as necessary.

ASUP, Inc. also utilizes the Fourth Hypothesis System of paranormal mapping that was developed by Professor Timothy Barth, Ph.D., Chairman of the Psychology Department at TCU and we keep close relationships with academic leaders in the field on a regular basis. The definition of paranormal is anything that does not fall into the formal divisions of the sciences, that is to say, anything that is not “normal” or what we call unexplained or Fortean. It starts with the simple spirit encounter, but encompasses other disciplines, including cryptozoology, UFO studies and virtually everything else that goes bump in the night! ASUP, Inc. assumes that there are connections between all of these occurrences and therefore finds them all vital interest.

ASUP, Inc. has been represented in a variety of television and radio
programs over the years, and we are considered leaders in the field. All
of our services are FREE of charge, we accept donations to help sustain our groups’ operation and ability to assist those that need our help!

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