I saw something back in the 70’s that I could not explain. I worked night shift and was coming home around 3 am. I was looking at the stars before going in the house as was my habit. Suddenly, the stars started to blink out! I refocused my vision and could make out a black shape very slowly moving from east to west above Terrace park blocking out the stars. The street lights were off. There was no sound at all. It moved as a very smooth glide/float. There was no wind. As my eyes got a bit better, I could see that it appeared to be a flat black and metallic. It was wedge shaped with the back end looking taller than the front. It was about the size of a football field! This was not little. I had plenty of time to look at it. I watched it slowly glide toward the Plano Road area and out of my sight. I called over to Collins Radio/Rockwell International as soon as I got into the house and asked them if they were conducting some kind of flight experiments and they denied knowing anything.

Guest Post submitted with permission, from Jeannie L., in Richardson, Texas. Approved by Sophia Orquiz-Admin, ASUP, Inc., 07-18-2019

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